We have been working with Tree & Garden on the AgResearch, Ruakura Research Centre site over the past 12 years and have developed an excellent partnership. During this time Tree & Garden have managed up to 600 hectares of property and have always provided a service built on quality.

A most outstanding aspect of this company’s services is the immediate response to any urgent tree issues concerning the site, particularly during or after storm events, where trees or branches have fallen, often involving after hours, weekend and holiday period responses. The company is proactive in assisting us with identification of problematic and hazardous trees and provides excellent, qualified reports to support funding the required work.

Tree & Garden consultant Riki Emery has acted on our behalf in liaison with Transpower for many tree associated issues around the high voltage lines, often engaging his teams to undertake the complete service work.

The professionalism and obvious empathy shown by Tree & Garden for the trees is apparent in the recommendations given where tree health and longevity is a priority. Tree removal is often the last resort and is important to our site which has many notable trees and plantings.

Tree & Garden also provide seasonal pruning and garden maintenance assistance in keeping the grounds at Ruakura Research Centre in the best possible condition, adding to the aesthetics of the site.

I would highly recommend this company to any organisation committed to tree and garden management programmes and have referred them to a number of people to which I have always received excellent feedback on their services.

Mike King
Site Manager
AgResearch, Ruakura

The Board of Trustees at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Gisborne contracted Tree & Garden to prepare a plan for the landscaping of our new school which we moved into July 2007.

A very comprehensive and detailed plan was submitted and accepted by the Board of Trustees. It took into account our coastal location and warm sunny climate featuring trees and palms to enhance our natural environment.

I was very impressed that we were able to get the plan well before the due date and to have a crew on the ground very soon after the plan was agreed to by the Board.

The landscaping exceeded our expectations and has since drawn many favourable comments from the local community and visitors to the school including Principals of other schools.

Tree & Garden are to be commended for their ongoing follow up service which has ensured the best possible result for our school in establishing and maintaining optimum growing conditions for the trees. Their advice and continued support to our grounds man has been most appreciated.

I have no hesitation in recommending this professional company to any other institution requiring any landscaping or tree work on a small or large scale.

Andrew Nicolson
Principal Saint Mary's School, Gisborne

We have typed this referral in regards to the work carried out on the cutting down of trees on our property. We found that the dealings with Tree & Garden were of the utmost professional and well-delivered customer service we had ever experienced. Not only were we happy with the final outcome but found that this company in mention exceeded well beyond our expectations. We would have no hesitation in recommending this company to our friends or by word of mouth.

We would just like to congratulate them on a job well done.

Keep up the excellent work!

Kevin & Megan Fenne

We both want to thank you and your team for the excellent work carried out on our trees and garden. We are very pleased with the result, and impressed by the various people you have working for you – all of whom were fantastic.

Zaf & Cathy Khouri

We have found Riki Emery of Tree & Garden to be a genuine person to deal with and a true professional in his field. His knowledge, reliability and workmanship has always been of the highest standard.

Linda & Warren Mayall

Thanks Riki for sending such a great team to work on our large pine trees.

Nancy & Eric

Phil and I are well pleased with what the boys did on Wednesday. They did a sterling job as usual and the end result looks really good.


Thanks for an excellent job. The two guys who worked here were polite and professional and conveyed a great image for your company. We particularly appreciated the little extra tidy up jobs they did. They left the whole site very clean which we really appreciated.

Ian Kennedy


Over the past decade Tree & Garden has been caring for the trees within our school property. These valuable assets make an important contribution to our attractive learning environment.

On an annual basis Riki Emery has given us advice and guidance. We feel that he has the same connection when it comes to pride of presentation, and commitment to enhancement, of our place of learning. Riki and his team can always be relied upon to do a great job, be neat and tidy and be very reliable when meeting deadlines.

On occasions we have had vandal's damage trees to the extent that their survival was at stake. On all occasions Riki’s remedial actions have saved the trees.

We continue to have Tree & Garden as our first arborists of choice because of our long standing relationship built upon reliability, efficiency, expertise and pride in a job well done.

John Crone
Berkley Middle School



Since the establishment of Waikato Innovation Park, Tree & Garden have played a significant role in the arboricultural management of the Park's mature tree assets. With the continued development of large scale buildings and extensive infra-structure, Tree and Garden have consulted closely with our project teams to integrate all three key design elements toward forming a successful science based commercial and social environment.

Our environment is immensely important to us and with some innovative involvement from Tree and Garden during the course of our early developments, we were thrilled to know that a rare feature timber could be extracted from some of the hazardous trees earlier removed from the site. As a result this timber was used extensively throughout our Flagship building and, in combination with many of the buildings other design features, we were proud to receive the New Zealand Master Builders Award in 2005 as well as gaining benefits of an increased green star rating.

I regard Tree & Garden as a highly professional company in its field and we look forward to working with their growing expertise and creativity in developing a successful science based park. "Where Science meets Nature".

Derek Fairweather
Innovation Waikato


The Hamilton New Zealand Temple is an international facility owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The Temple was dedicated and became operational 20 April 1958. Over five decades, the trees have matured adding to the special environment of the Temple site.  Over the past 15 years the Hamilton New Zealand Temple has engaged the arboricultural services of “Tree and Garden ” under the Directorship of Riki Emery.  The Temple has relied on Riki and his team to provide all aspects of mature tree management as required.

In June 2012, Riki provided us with a comprehensive Tree Risk Report that provided the Temple with a structured mature tree maintenance plan for the next five to ten years and is a pivotal means of forward work programming and budget planning.  During this period Riki and his team have provided a very high level of professional expertise and have gone beyond the standard client service requirements in ensuring the’ Temple Dedication Standards’ are met.  We consider Riki and his team to be a company with outstanding work ethics and integrity and look forward to continuing our working relationship together. I have no hesitation in recommending Tree and Garden for all aspects of tree management and wish them the very best as they continue to grow and develop their business.

John A Kendall 

Temple Engineer

Otorohanga District Council has employed Tree & Garden as our preferred arborists for over seven years. They were recommended to us by Hamilton City Council when we had a dispute on whether some large misshapen trees in one of our reserves needed felling. With some comprehensive pruning and shaping, all ten trees were able to be saved to everyone’s satisfaction. We have continued to use Tree & Garden for our specialised large tree work since this time and for consulting work on other tree management issues.

At Kawhia, we have some ancient pohutukawa with great cultural and historic significance. A fire had been started under one of the trees and was burning up into one of the leaders, causing great alarm in the community. This was during a weekend and the Tree & Garden team responded promptly and guided the Fire Service and Kaumatua in their resolving of the incident. Riki Emery from Tree and Garden was also commissioned to prepare a report on the condition, historical significance and management of these notable trees and again, this comprehensive report was well received by all parties.

In 2006, a severe storm caused extensive damage to some of the large mature trees in Memorial Park, in central Otorohanga. Unfortunately a very large Elm over 40 metres in height could not be saved and required careful dismantling using a crane. Again we called on the services of Tree & Garden and despite the difficult site on the intersection of the State Highway, the work was done very efficiently and safely with little disruption to others.

Another example in which we called on Riki Emery was to consult over a large Chestnut tree, again with historical significance and again with public views that the tree should be removed. As usual, the tree was saved and shaped to everybody’s satisfaction.

We are pleased to recommend Tree & Garden to anyone needing qualified and comprehensive advice and service. They are highly qualified and knowledgeable, offering good, sound advice and their staff are well trained, well qualified and dedicated to completing a job well. The company and staff have a strong safety ethic and their equipment is up to date and well maintained.

We will continue using Tree & Garden as consultants and arborists.

Dave Williams
Community Facilities Officer